We want to try & save you some money on freight, that is why we don't generate a freight rate when you are placing your order.

We take a little more time & try & find the cheapest & fastest way to send your order & we get your O.K before we send it.

So when your order arrives you know exactly what you are getting & the freight costs so there are no surprises!
Premium will deliver products anywhere in Australia (Subject to conditions).

Shipping & Handling (General info):

Once we have received your order, we will call you within approximately 24hrs  to confirm the order, any possible changes & the freight charge.

At that point payment can be taken by one of 2 methods.

  1. Credit card & goods will be sent that day or the following if freight has already been dispatched for the day.
  2. You can also elect to pay by EFT. Once you have made payment by EFT & notified us via email we will confirm payment & again goods will be sent same day
  3. or the following if freight has already been dispatched for the day.

We constantly endeavour to provide the best freight rates we can to your area, the service may be over night if metro Sydney or Brisbane

or between 2-7 working days in more in rural or remote areas & if our only option is Australia Post.

We will attempt to give you a delivery time frame again at time of payment.

Method of Payment:

Currently, we accept VISA, MASTER CARD. At this time we do not offer credit terms.